Saturday, 6 October 2012

Merton Park Area: Buying High Quality and Affordable Houses


South West London

A home to Wimbledon and other world-famous attractions, the South-West London area is widely green. It is also a home to the world's famous Lawn Tennis Society, the host of Wimbledon's tennis annual tournaments. Moreover, the Wimbledon area offers a shopping zone located in the Wimbledon Village. Furthermore, its nearby areas are offered in smaller parts which are not only affordable, but also provide more advantage from a Wimbledon postcode.

Merton Park

A South-West London district, the Merton Park is situated in London Borough, Merton. In the north side, it is a neighbour to Wimbledon. It is also sharing the same SW19 postcode with Wimbledon.

Merton Park Community

With various dynamic community assemblages, the Merton Park is a place of a strong local community. Within the Merton Park's zone, the three state schools and the Merton Park Primary is situated.

Parks and Green Spaces

A 2009 Green Flag Award winner, the John Innes Park holds the nationally recognised standards for green areas and parks in England and Wales. Aside from the numerous attractive gardens, the John Innes Park also comes with several sports amenities. The Merton Park area also contains the Mostyn Gardens, Church Lane Playing Field, Kendor Gardens, and Glebe Fields. Moreover, the area also holds the Old Rutlisians Sports Ground.

John Innes Society

John Innes Society is a charity institution that is both registered and non-political. This organisation is essentially committed to protect and cultivate the whole Merton Park's surroundings, including all that is natural and constructed. The sole purpose of the organisation's existence is for the benefit of the people living in the South-West London region.

Who was John Innes?

The Squire of Merton, John Innes (1829-1904) was the successful creator and developer of the Merton Park. Living in Merton's old town, Innes was a businessman, benefactor, and property developer. His enlightened vision and concepts resulted to a beautiful garden suburb with well-known features such as fine houses of different flairs and sizes, holly hedges, and tree-lined roadways. His name became famous when his bequest has led to the founding of the country's first Agricultural Research Institute.

Churches and Places of Worship

St. Mary is the region's main church. This Anglican Church is situated in the central part of the Merton Park's Conservation zone, Wimbledon's south portion. Since the Doomsday Book, it has been said that the church was standing on the same site. The Augustinian Canons who founded the Merton Priory are also the founders of the St. Mary's Church. Today, various parts of its building are dated back to year 1115. Its chancel can also be dated back to year 1400, and its roof is approximately 900 years old at present. In the most recent century, its two isles were built to accommodate the region's rising population.


With the outstanding quality properties, the Merton Park zone offers varieties of property assets that are more affordable, from office spaces to solo flats, and to family houses, compared to the nearby Wimbledon.

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