Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Living in Brondesbury

Brondesbury is situated at Kilburn in London. It is located between the local councils of Camden and Brent. The Brondesbury railway station may be found in the North London line, on a bridge that cuts across the Kilburn High Road, in North West London, in the Brondesbury region. It is a stone throw distance south east of the Kilburn subway stop, and about a kilometer to the North West of the Kilburn High Road station.

History of Brondesbury

The establishment of a railway station on the Euston main line may be regarded as some of the major reasons for settlement in Brondesbury. The further construction of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners' estates in Kilburn Park, and the nearby Manor of Belsize, in addition to the opening of the station on the North London railway at Brondesbury led to further immigration. The earliest settlement was located at the south side of Cavendish Road which leads to the railway, and is credited for the magnificent multi storeyed domiciles, with basements. These were established hitherto the institution of council records in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.


A majority of the Brondesbury real estate comprises of majestic Victorian terraced houses, dotted with a number of relatively modern flats and high-rise buildings.

Entertainment & Shops

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Entertainment and shopping are very attractive features in any area. Kilburn High Road is not short of respectable shopping and entertainment amenities. The O2 mall at the Finchley Road is very much nearby. A number of Irish pubs also are available for your pleasure, by virtue of the proximity to Kilburn. West Hampstead and Finchley Road give a wonderful selection of bars and restaurants. A cinema House, also along Finchley road, will keep the little ones occupied. In addition, Kilburn proudly hosts the Tricycle Theatre.


Brondesbury is well endowed with regard to commuting alternatives. Rapid, uninterrupted access to the Metropolitan, Bakerloo and the Jubilee underground railway lines is guaranteed at all times. Furthermore, the numerous bus routes into the West End complement the North London Over ground line at Brondesbury. Indeed, with regard to transportation, all is well.

Commons & Parks

In addition to all the conveniences, any location should be weighed according to the social amenities it boasts of before being adjudged as prime. Kilburn scores highly in this regard, owing to the wonderful and modern tennis facilities available at the Kilburn Grange Park and Queens Park. The former is an eight acre area complete with a children's playing area, three tennis courts and a multipurpose games area. Floodlit fields, complete with changing rooms are also available.

The Local Authority

The Brent Council represents Brondesbury, and is charged with the responsibility of all council duties and services. These include social services, housing, education and town planning.
The conservation Area offers a taste of Victorian Suburban development cutting across a quarter century. It is designed especially for the middle class. The homes are artistic and hold immense architectural detail including window mouldings and intricate terracotta brick paneling.
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