Monday, 21 January 2013

The Willesden Area In The North West Of London

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Willesden is a highly developed area in the United Kingdom. Many people reside in this area because of high levels peace. Willesden is made up of a large Irish population. London Borough of Brent is bigger than Willesden. Willesden has NW postcodes, which help the residents. This area makes a large portion of London Borough of Brent. The decent facilities in the town have attracted many people who come to live in this town.

Anglo-Saxon Willesdune is a name that is frequently associated with Willesden. It is the source of the current name Willesden. History is exceedingly clear that this name was derived from Anglo-Saxon Willesdune, which means The Hill of the Spring. Many books of history record this area as Wellesdone. The maps show the area as Wilsdon. All this names point to Willesden. The town has an interesting history. For instance it has many names referring to it. The names seem to keep changing after some time. This has impressed many residents in the area.

Willesden has statues hence many people know it as a town of pilgrimage in the seventeenth century. The town has a decent church known as St Mary that hosts ancient statues. These statues of the Virgin Mary make the town famous. The holy well in the town has miraculous qualities that many people admire. The holy well has helped many people including those with eye disorders.

The state of the parish of Willesden improved remarkably in 1879. It developed alongside the opening of the Metropolitan Railway Station in the year 1879. The population in the town continues to increase annually. In 1906, the population of Willesden extremely increased. Areas at the vicinity of this area also experience rapid growth of their populations. The current Jubilee Line serves many people in the town. The Jubilee Line replaced the Bakerloo Line.

After World War I Willesden changed into a Working Class area. Before the war, this town was a Middle Class suburb without significant developments. Employment levels have increased in the town. The construction of factories in Willesden reduces the levels of unemployment. Numerous flats in the town make a good place to reside. Decent houses attract many tourists into the town. This is a diverse area in the United Kingdom.

In 1933, Willesden became common with the Irish Community. The town also became a municipal borough where many people wanted to live. It also hosted some refugees from Europe. The Second World caused immense damages in the town because of the refugees.

In 1970s and 1980s Willesden experienced a massive decline. The town was overcrowded at this time hence having inadequate housing. Traders were given funds to invest in 1980s to revamp the High Street. Efforts were made to avoid the High Street from closing. This town has a decent library where students can carry out their research.

The town today has decent transport links. It is a spacious town in the United Kingdom.

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