Friday, 19 April 2013

How To Get You Estate Agency Noticed

Image: freedigitalphotos
Celebrity gossip is a large selling market, because people are interested in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Magazines are always enticing at the checkout line. Perez Hilton is one of many bloggers who have made their fame off of exploiting celebrities in magazines and on Twitter.

Most people just read the articles and do not realize there is something to learn from celebs like Brittany Spear or Kim Kardashian. Examining their lives closer, we can see what attracts people to them. A great deal of tabloid gossip is used for promotion. Why not promote your estate agents in the same manner?

The goal of any business is to make their customers feel important. Estate agent marketing can be a large task, but it can be done. Even celebs like Lady Gaga makes her fans feel special by ordering pizzas for those who weighted in long lines. Think like Gaga and offer your clients something unique. Show them what an asset they are to the company.

Customers must feel valuable and know that they are appreciated. Small gestures like a phone call or sending a hand written Christmas Card are nice touches. A gift basket after the purchase of a home or just checking in from time to time are small tasks that will not go unappreciated.

Are you afraid to take risks? We should learn a lesson from celebrities like Madonna or Lady Gaga. Using outrageous costumes and bold choice of colours, these celebs have made their mark by being noticed. Are there costumes risky, definitely yes, but they were used as marketing tools to get themselves seen and their music heard.

The point is we remember these outfits because of the shock value they provided. Regardless of how much time has passed, we can still remember these outfits vividly. The goal was to step out and be different, which is exactly what these ladies did. In the estate agent world, stepping out and being different will do the same thing, get people talking.

Celebrities use their own form of marketing. They plaster their names all over clothing and perfume lines in an attempt to be noticed. Estate agents should use the same approach in their business. Forget the ink pens and other memorabilia that ends up in the trash; focus on handing out something out of the ordinary. Giving your clients something like a gift basket or massage will put you at the top of their list. Be creative and different, in marketing, it is not always a bad thing to be diverse.

These celeb magazines are put in the grocery isles to make you look, and that is exactly what they do. The features celeb can have their day on a magazine cover due to a marriage or current scandal. We should all learn a lesson from their lives. Marketing our estate agents is a wise decision. The more people see their faces and hear about them, the more likely they are to know who to turn to sell or buy a home from.

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