Friday, 21 June 2013

Different Window Designs

Image: freedigitalphotos
Purchasing windows is similar to purchasing clothes. There are so many designs of window to choose. Some are also identical in design to each other. A fixed window is among the many designs of windows. It can either be a double hang fixture, or a window with a permanent fixed framework. Fixed windows are just for providing light in a room. They are common in many houses as they are the cheapest in the market.

Bay windows are engineered to give many views to a house. This makes them able to offer much light in a room. They also make a room airy. The windows can be opened slightly at the edges to allow more light and air into a house.

They make a room appear big. Since they move outwards from a room, they have a large window sill. They work well when constructed on a large wall.

Double Hang Windows are the best for ventilating a room. They are structured in a way that half of the windows open, or the whole window opens. To avoid accidents, it is advisable to open the top windows which cannot be reached by children.

They are good for the children’s rooms. They also work well on walls of other rooms in a house. The windows are very adaptable to room. Nevertheless, they are the best when used as insulating windows. This is because they allow much air to enter a room compared to other forms of windows.

Picture windows cannot be opened. They just make a room appear attractive. They are constructed alongside other forms of windows. They let sufficient amount of light into a room.

They are designed into various patterns and set up on walls where they are meant to stay shut. For people that enjoy having a porthole in a room, picture windows would be their perfect choice. Picture windows are not designed for room ventilation purposes.

Sliding windows make a house absolutely airy. This makes them perfect for patio doors. Their chance of breaking is minimal as they never leave their frames to open.

Sliding windows are cheap to acquire. Typically, they are ceiling to floor windows. This makes them inappropriate for the higher floors of a house. They are not safe in houses with young children. This is because the children might hurt their fingers on the sliding panels. To reduce the danger they pose to kids, they should be tightly shut when they are not being used.

Numerous windows are made from metal, wood, and UPVC materials. The choice of windows is dependent on personal factors. People who are stylish will go for metal and wood windows. Consequently, people who are keen durability will go for windows constructed from UPVC materials. Unlike wood and metal windows, UPVC windows are not destroyed by harsh climates in UK. Wood splinters and rots when exposed to water. Metallic windows also rust if not well preserved because of moisture content in the air.

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