Saturday, 20 July 2013

All You Need To Know About Skip Hire Companies

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In case of spring and summer seasons, there is generally a surge in case of the demand for hiring of private skips to be used in the household because people generally engage in Do-It-Yourself projects, spring cleaning and garden cleaning.

However, locating and renting a skip is a difficult task because of the fact that one has to arrange for permits and decide the size of the skip in cubic yards. However, one shouldn't worry because there is a solution. The following is a guide on how to hire a skip:

Skip hire isn't like car hire in the sense that there aren't any national companies because the companies that advertise nationally subcontract to local skip hire contractors. You can also take a look at the website of your local council. The website is bound to have a list of reliable waste contractors based in one's location.

It is also important to locate an approved waste carrier. In order to find out if a company is approved or not, simply ask for its waste carrier license number and conduct a check with the Environment Agency. Just like any other industry, there is a presence of cowboy companies in case of this one too, which is quite unfortunate as such companies do not get rid of the waste in a proper manner, but instead engage in fly-tipping, thus causing problems to the local council and taxpayers like you.

Recycling is definitely an important process to carry out because it gets rid of the waste in a proper manner and is very beneficial for preventing the filling up of landfills in no time and for the environment in general. However, one can look for a reputable company who is committed to recycling in order to get additional help and be able to carry out one's chores while doing good to the environment.

A reputable company is not going to dump your waste directly in landfill sites or fly-tip the same, but rather segregate and recycle whatever is possible so that only a very small portion of it goes to the landfill. Some of these companies may even possess waste processing facilities. While this may require you to pay more money but it allows you to carry out positive actions for the betterment of the environment.

You will need to pay for your skip hire depending on the kind of waste you're disposing of, your location and the size of the skip. A mini skip measures 2 cubic yards while a gigantic can be up to forty cubic yards, however the average ones measure 6-8 cubic yards. In order for the company to legally move the waste, you will need to select the right size and obey the load limit otherwise you can always take an extra skip.

If you have a permit for placing the skip on the public road then skip hire would take place extremely quickly as one simply has to pay the necessary parking charges; this method is recommended by reputable skip hire companies that can arrange for such permits. Some skip companies may hire skips everyday but a majority of them generally follows a minimum hire period of 7-10 days or longer in case of exceptions.

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