Friday, 30 August 2013

Invite guests to your home, and make money!

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The financial crisis of the early twenty-first century has caused many people living in London to feel under financial pressure. One way homeowners can help to ease this burden is by renting out their home to some of the many people who visit the city of London. Renting out your home while you are staying elsewhere is a relatively easy, and clever, way to raise money. So if you have a comfortable home, why not share it with visitors to London? Bear in mind, you will need to prepare in order to make the most out of this opportunity.

If you are going to allow people into your house it is important to take some time to make sure you are ready. Firstly, begin by cleaning your house as thoroughly as possible. Then consider where you are going to store items precious to you; some people like to keep one room out-of-bounds and then place any fragile goods in there. Alternatively, there are many good storage specialists who will be able to assist you. Finally, always ensure that all surfaces and table-tops are clear from clutter as your guests will want to use them freely.

People who stay in your house will be on holiday. Help them to enjoy this time by encouraging them to treat your home as their home for the duration of their stay. Always provide them with a few helpful kitchen items like tea and bread; these small things can make a big difference in helping your guests to settle in. You can leave a note reassuring your guests that they are free to use the things in your cupboard.

Another nice gesture is to leave some little presents in the home - chocolate or wine is ideal. Your guests will appreciate this and will often replace them at the end of their stay. Remember, you can only get out that which you have put in....

Make your home look its best - it is your shop-front. Improve the little things to make your visitors really see the best of your home. Freshen up any old paintwork (inside and out) and replace tattered furniture. These touches will help to make your guest feel satisfied and may even encourage people to return in the future!

In order to prepare for any small accidents, leave some basic tools, light bulbs and batteries in your home. Always make sure all your electrical things are working correctly. Consider leaving some contact details for a local friend to call in case of a household emergency.

Use your local knowledge to help your guests get to know the area you live in. Leave some advice on where to go and what to do. Helping your guests to find the best restaurants and events will enhance their stay and may encourage them to return.

A map of the local area can make a great gift to your guests. Why not mark down the best route to well-known tourist attractions; remember your knowledge could really improve their holiday.

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