Saturday, 5 October 2013

Selling your home more easily

Image: freedigitalphotos
Selling a home is a challenge. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure a speedy sale and the best possible price. Have a structured, professional and organised approach. It's not a question of luck; rather carefully planning things and ensuring your buyers see your home as an attractive choice.

This is a helpful guide to a few simple tricks you can use for a hassle-free sale, at a good price. You're going to do a business deal. Try to forget that this house is your home. It isn't for much longer. It's bricks and cement that you want someone else to buy now. In the near future you'll have a new house to call home!

With careful preparation, you'll soon be handing over the keys. Say your farewells to each room, and think forward to the new home you'll soon be moving into.

To give buyers the opportunity to imagine the house as their own, wipe the slate clean. Store away your things and take everything off the walls. This will help your buyers to picture their furniture in the rooms and their pictures on the walls. Your things will get in the way of this, so move them.

Most people clutter up their homes over the years. This won't look good to buyers. Give away the things you don't need to friends, family, or a charity shop. If you've not used an item for over a year, you don't need it. Take your books off their shelves, and send them to storage, ready for your new home. Any items in regular use can be put in a box, which can then be retrieved as and when you need it. This way, you'll also have made a start with the packing.

Buyers looking around your house will be nosey. They'll look in drawers, cupboards and wardrobes. If you minimise clutter, and everything's neat and tidy, this will help to give a good impression, as well as showing how much you have cared for the house. Hang up your shirts neatly, clear the tables, and keep the kitchen clean and tidy. This makes you and your house look good, and is encouraging to buyers.

If you have a lot of furniture in your house, send it to storage. There's nothing worse than a cluttered home; your buyers need to have the freedom to look around easily, as well as imagine each room as their own, and how they will use it. Once the bookcases are bare, remove them. If any items of furniture make a space look cramped, remove those too.

If there are minor repairs or things to fix, ensure these are done. If there are squeaky doors, jammed drawers or hard to open windows, it won't take much time to put these things right. It will also make sure your house appears well looked after. Another useful idea is to neutralise the colours in every room. There's nothing worse for buyers than remembering the house with the orange bedroom!