Friday, 20 December 2013

The West Hampstead Area

Renting in London

Before deciding to buy any property it is always better to rent one in order to compare and experience the variety in different areas. Keeping this factor in mind several people are moving to London in rented houses just to get the feel of variety in various locations. Moreover, people always prefer staying close to their respective job locations. London has so much to offer, its classic architectures, the alluring tourist attractions, the residential streets; the chic pubs are well knitted together.

West Hampstead rental properties

West Hampstead has several good pubs, renowned shopping areas and buoyant nightlife. It is not as expensive as Hampstead. These factors make West Hampstead the first preference for the young professionals. West Hampstead is also very well connected with public transportation. Hence, it is very easy to commute from one place to another.

West Hampstead area

West Hampstead fascinates its residents by the hamlet like aura of coffee shops, chic pubs, restaurants and other social attractions. It is just 4 miles from the West End and is in the north-west part of London. The area has good public transportation system which includes tubes and rail. The shopping centre brings together several new stores, cinemas and luxurious shops under one roof, catering to the needs of the locals since the year 1998.

Houses and Flats

Countless attractive properties wait for tenants in West Hampstead. The area has alluring Victorian terraced houses, Edwardian mansion blocks, compact conversions, well-spaced 2 bed and 3 bed terraces and semis with small neat gardens. Detached 7 bedroom houses can be found in the smartest streets which tend to border Hampstead "proper". This area is famous midst young professionals and those who cannot afford the expensive house rents in Hampstead. Red brick mansion blocks with huge communal gardens, purpose-built flats and whole houses adorn the streets of Maryon Wilson Estate which was once a bed-sit room. There are also several modern flats to choose from and some 20th century council blocks.

West End Lane Area

West End Lane is a green area. The shops, bars and Victorian constructions did not ruin its rich green village like landscape. The intense greenery with the residential area imparts it an alluring beauty. This is the only central hub for its locals and the area boasts a strong nightlife.

Transport Links

West Hampstead boasts a very good transportation system. Rail links make it a popular residential area. West Hampstead's Thameslink connects to the airport in Luton and also to the city. West Hampstead station on the Jubilee line joins on to the West End, to the South Bank and the Canary Wharf. Its over ground station also unites Stratford to Richmond.

Abbey Road

The recording studio of Decca records is located in Broadhurst Gardens in West Hampstead. The studios famously greeted David Bowie and the early recordings by The Rolling Stones were done here. This area is also famous for housing the contestants on the Factor TV show.

The extremely good transportation system and its close proximity to various attractions makes West Hampstead a wonderful residential area.