Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Coolest investment opportunities in the UK

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At the moment, UK investment is a very worthwhile option for property investors. The London property market is currently experiencing a steady rise which is expected to last for the next few years. By 2020, it is believed that most properties in the capital will have almost doubled in value, making it much harder for the lower classes to gain access to the property ladder. However for investors, now is an absolutely brilliant time to purchase as stocks are expected to go nowhere but up. Obviously London is a cultural hub and investing here presents thousands of opportunities. By investing in property in the capital, you will be able to market your brand toward students, professionals and a host of other groups of people. That's not to say that there aren't a few other hot spots located around the country, however London is definitely worth keeping your eyes on.

UK investment further north

As the capital is currently experiencing a property boom, this has also started to influence house prices in other parts of the country. Areas around Newcastle are becoming more popular with families and this region presents plenty of UK investment opportunities. Buying property here will situate your business within driving range of at least three major universities and then there is the epic nightlife to consider too. Newcastle is a renowned as one of the party capitals of Britain and is famous for hosting stag and hen dos. This city offers an excellent opportunity for clubbers to meet hundreds of Europeans as many people arrive in Newcastle for the weekend via cities like Amsterdam and Brussels. The North East of England is also within range of the amazing Cumbrian countryside and historical relics such as Hadrian's Wall.

A little further south

If you wish to stay a little closer to the capital, yet don't want to be surrounded by the noise pollution created by traffic, you could consider some of the smaller towns in the South East region. UK investmentopportunities are visible in towns such as Midhurst. Located right next to South Downs National Park, this town is located just one hour away from the English capital and offers great links to other cities too. Investing here is great if you are an avid sports fan or plan to advertise your property with this benefit in mind. The Cowdray Polo Club is located here and Midhurst offers easy access to numerous other sporting attractions such as Glorious Goodwood and the Festival of Speed. People looking for UK investment choices in areas like this usually do so to escape from the hectic life of the capital city. This town is located on the sea and offers excellent access to leisure facilities and some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Anything from gold to motor racing can be enjoyed in this region, making it very appealing for middle aged buyers.

UK investment opportunities in London

For many people, the areas of London such as Westminster are becoming far too expensive, however this is making smaller towns on the outskirts of the city seem more popular. Suburban locales such as Sutton are experiencing an increase in property price and homes in these parts are being snapped up quickly. Even though a number of estate agents believe that these properties are overpriced, they are still being sold within less than two months of being listed. UK investment in areas like this offers you a wealth of advantages. Immediate access to the central city, relaxing scenery and an unparalleled cleanliness are just a few of the selling points. UK investment here presents buyers with opportunities to enjoy life in a fairly middle class suburb surrounded by leafy roads in the autumn and that typical winter setting during the Christmas holidays.

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