Thursday, 4 December 2014

How to Transform a neglected Garden

That backyard space behind your house has been neglected for too long. If you think it is finally time to do some improvements to it, then you have certainly made one smart decision. Having a nice garden for the family to relax in can be a real blessing, if you really want to take the time and money to invest in making it great. If you have the desire to make wonders out of empty spaces, your garden presents a great opportunity.

To start off, you will obviously need to do some garden clearance, especially if the place has been left neglected for too long. You might want to hire gardening experts for this task, as they can do it fast and effectively. If you think you want to handle this yourself then prepare to cut waist-tall grass and shrubbery, prune some out-of-control branches and get rid of that old shed that’s been falling apart for a good decade. You will be amazed how this gardening service will open up the space and show you how much potential has been hiding there.

image credit: IStockPhoto
With that done, you must decide what you want to do with your garden. Consider what budget you can spare, as some projects are really costly, with added maintenance, installation and delivery costs, which you might not be able to meet. It is better to start a small project and finish it, rather than something big which you will abandon. It is worth it to consult with gardening professionals who can offer valuable suggestions on what you can do with the place. Then, it all depends on what you and your family really want and what you will enjoy.

One option is to have a plant garden. Growing your own vegetables and fruits is great. They will taste better than anything you can get from the store, they will be far cheaper and accessible, and you will know exactly what you are eating. Plants require a lot of gardening service and maintenance, and you need to consider providing proper conditions for them to grow.

Another possibility for your garden is to have a pool. Nothing compares to a cool water swim in a hot summer night. There are various sizes and types you can acquire, depending on the available space and shape of the area. You can go with many design ideas, but keep in mind pools can be expensive and hard to maintain. They require the installation of a drain system, various water treatment products and some service in the winter.

What you can also include in your garden is a gazebo and a place for barbeque, all creating your very own family restaurant in the backyard. With great design and style, a gazebo can be the focal point of your garden and the best place to throw an outdoor party in your house.

If you have children, you can make the backyard garden a playground for them. Various swings and climbers can be installed to give them a place to run around and have fun.

Regardless of what you choose for your garden, it is important to prepare the place first and think carefully of the design. As everything in your house, the garden is a reflection of your ability to make a place beautiful and welcoming.