Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to organize your garage?

Have you checked your garage lately? After spending five figures or more in your car, you wouldn’t want it to wear off very fast due to poor garage conditions. Your garage is, therefore, an outstanding place to keep your car and safeguard it from rain, too much heat, bird droppings and branches that fall off among other things.
While a garage is a place where you keep your car, it is normal to keep other extra things that you are not using, e.g., and a large suitcase that cannot fit in your room, unused toys, yard equipment, left out paintings, gas cylinders and other auto care products.
When these things become too much in your garage, they not only interfere with your indoor space but also the safety of your car. Below are garage organization skills that you might want to know. 

1. Take everything out of your garage
Since your garage is full of many things, it can be better to take them out so that you can sort out what you need and what you don’t need. After taking them out, assess them, analyze and prioritize. If you have clutter in your garage, you will realize that you have no space for them. Visualize how you would like to use the area in your garage. You can even divide your garage into a zone so that you can group things at their place.
“For example, you can put all sporting equipment together, camping equipment in one space among other things that fall into the same category. What do want to store and what do you want to get rid of?” says Tom Davies from
With that in mind, you will be able to analyze the use of each space in your garage and what you don’t need there.

2. Get rid of clutter
Clutter involves everything that you don’t need, whether it still has value or not. You might want to sell it or donate. It can be furniture, clothes, or toys. Whatever it is, you might want to store them at a local storage or donate it. As for other things that are no longer useful, e.g., empty containers or worn out clothes, you can dispose of them.
To know that something is clutter, ask yourself whether you love it, need it, when was the last time you used them and if you donated it, will it still be useful? You might want to get rid of broken containers. As for duplicate things, e.g., when you have two hammers, consider donating one so that you can economize space.

3. Clean the garage
Before getting things back to your garage to organize them, you should clean it first. Cleaning your garage when it is empty helps you to clean all the shelves and flow without any interference freely. Getting everything out of your garage and cleaning it will also give you an opportunity to paint it. If you want to tidy up because you’re moving out, the booking a team of post tenancy experts can be a wise choice, for the professionals will save you tons of time and effort for cleaning the entire property.

4. Label everything
If you have drawers in your garage, labeling will help you to stay organized. You won’t have to start opening every drawer when looking for something. Labeling also saves your time. You can put nails in one draw, screws in another and bolts in another one and so on. It can be a tedious task, but it is worth it.

5. Store paper goods elsewhere
Do you store old magazines and books in your garage? Sometimes you might find yourself doing that as a way of getting rid of what you don’t need in your house. However, books and other paper clutter can attract rodents in your garage, something that may be dangerous. Consider creating a shelf in your house and keep all useful books and files.

6. Take your refrigerator to your house
As a way of creating space in your house, you might want to put your fridge in the garage. However, that is not a conducive place to store it. It will drain a lot of energy if it stays in a place without air conditioning.  Besides that, moving from your house to the garage to get things from the refrigerator can be daunting. Keep it in your house so that it can be safe there and easily accessible.

7. Avoid keeping pet food in the garage
If pet food was part of what you usually store in your garage, you need to find a different location to keep it. You can consider keeping it in a sealed container if you have to keep it in your garage. This is because possums will sniff it out.

8. Avoid keeping your gas in the garage
Do you store lawn mower gas in the garage? Maybe you hadn’t thought about safety when keeping it there, but you should note that it is risky. It can cause fire anytime. If you have to keep it there, ensure that you install a carbon monoxide detector so that you can have peace of mind. It’s also well-worth looking into the best zero turn lawn mower and cut out unnecessary chores like storing gas in the first place.

9. Use open shelves instead of closed cabinets
Instead of using closed cabinets in your garage, you can use open shelves. With open shelves, you can easily scan what you have in your garage and stay organized. Look into the latest trends in interior and pick the one you like the most.
You can become messy easily with cabinets as you can pile up everything in them and hide the evidence.

10. Make use of the overhead space
Your garage can be a great place to store your stuff, other than safeguarding the car. Did you know that you can create space in your garage by using the garage ceiling?
Hang any stuff such as ladders, camping equipment and seasonal sports gear among other things.

11. Install high-quality window and door lock
“Sometimes theft may occur if you leave your garage door or windows open. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough security. Children can also play around and get inside the garage without your knowledge and get hurt. Ensure that you install high-quality locks and always keep it locked.” advise the experts from
Your garage can serve you in many ways. However, if you don’t keep it organized, it can be a home of rodents and cause harm to your family. Keep it clean, organized and safe.